Owning equipment can be very expensive, expecially for those just starting out so check out our reasonable Kit Rental prices.

Not everyone who starts out diving is able to afford to buy a full set of kit straight away so we have built up a great selection of kit that we are able to offer divers for rental at reasonable day prices.

All our equipment is serviced and inspected regularly to ensure that it is in full working condition. We also have a rolling replacement program in place to ensure that equipment does not fail when you need it most.

Fins £3.00
Weight + Belt £3.50
Bouyancy Compensator (BCD) £7.50
Set of Regulators £7.50
Mask + Snorkel £2.50
Computer £10.00
SMB + Reel £5.00
Torch £5.00
Torch + Backup £7.50
Knife £2.50
Exposure Protection
Wetsuit £5.00
Drysuit £20.00
Neoprene Boots £2.50
Neoprene Gloves £2.50
Neoprene Hood £2.50
Complete Packages
Wetsuit Dive Package £30
Drysuit Dive Package £40
Wetsuit Night Dive Package £35
Drysuit Night Dive Package £45