Sharks, Waterfalls And All Things Good

We wish to apologise to our readers and fans for the lack of contact over the past few days.

Unfortunately the internet connection is not great here and as a result our online team have been trying hard to post content but be rest assured that we are trying our best.


Sunday saw the group pack up their diving gear and trundle down the road to Oslob Whale Sharks for the morning.

On arrival, those diving assembled their gear and the dive centre team kindly transported the gear down to the beach for the divers, ready for a shore entry into the sea.

There were a number of the group who elected to snorkel and they were taken down the road to the boats to take them out to the feeding area for them to snorkel with the sharks.

After the first dive and snorkel trip the team returned to the beach hut where the Magic Island staff had laid on an amazing beach BBQ lunch for us.

After Lunch we did our second snorkel trip with the whale sharks where we managed to get some more awesome photos and videos which we aim to put online when we can

Following this we started to go back to the resort, stopping on the way round at some waterfalls, there were three levels, one and two where people could swim and the third level where people could jump into the waterfall pool.


Yesterday saw the first of two dives where the team could experience night diving and get the opportunity to see the Mandarin fish at dusk.

The dive team split in two with one half going on the Mandarin Dive and then a night dive on the house reef.

The second group completed a night dive around the local reef resulting in a few of our team competing their Night Dive Speciality.

We have been completing a number of team certifications today and are happy to announce that we have had 1 x PADI Advanced Open Water certification, 1 x target=”_blank”>Rescue Diver Certification and 2 x Master Diver Certifications.


Today we have had more courses going on, some of our team have been learning about diving with Enriched Air (Nitrox) and 4 dives took place over the day.

The first three dives took place this morning and there where plenty of sighting of turtles, the divers dove off Pescador Island and Talisay Point.

This afternoons dive consisted of a shore dive from the resort to the Magic Island house reef where there where sightings of Mandarin Fish, Puffer Fish, Turtles and Frog Fish. We also had a snorkeler who located a large school of Clown Fish

Today we are pleased to announce that we have had even more certifications completed, well done to those who took the Enriched Air Speciality, Deep Diver Speciality, Night Dive Speciality and Drift Diver Speciality


Tomorrow is another activity that we have all been looking for and that is diving in and around a Sardine Ball, two dives in the morning (One around the sardine ball and one in the sardine ball) and then after our BBQ lunch on the beach, we will be doing a third afternoon dive in the sardine ball.

Tune in tomorrow to find out how our dive went!