Sardines And Beyond

Morning Dives

This morning our team moved out from the resort to the first dive location which was called White House. This dive consisted of a boat dive along a wall where we saw Turtles and one dive team found two banded sea snakes of which one of these was at least 3m in length.

Following a surface interval the team then completed a second dive before moving further up the beach to White Beach for our BBQ Lunch. The Magic Island crew had kindly provided and cooked us a BBQ Feast fit for a King, with whole BBQ’d fish, Pork Chops, Shrimp Noodles, rice and salad.

Sardine Ball Dive

One lunch was over we then moved out to an area called Pasanga where we jumped back in the water to see the amazing Sardine Ball. The area was quite busy with other divers but we still had a good time and got some great footage of the spectacle.

In Summary

Everyone has had a great day, even some of the people who got to snorkel managed to get something out of the day, tomorrow is sadly our final full day of diving available before we come home.

Following their certification yesterday as Enriched Air Divers, three of our divers jumped in at the deep end and completed their first two dives using Enriched Air.

Stay Tuned For More Updates…..