Turtles, Sardines and Fireworks

This Mornings Dive

The last day of diving did not disappoint and the team set out in two boats to the area of Pescadore Island where we carried out a drift dive around the island.

As soon as we jumped in we were carried away by the strong currents and for some it was a battle to simply keep upright. We managed to survive and saw turtles, scorpion fish and right at the end of the dive a Frog Fish.

During the surface interval we moved to a location called Pantayan which was near the Sardine Ball we visited yesterday. Here we saw more turtles and surprise, surprise sardines made an appearence as well.

Afternoon Dive

The team then returned back to the resort for lunch and then half of the team re-visited the Sardine Ball while the others went to XXXX

This Evening

On our return we started to chill and as soon as it got dark were treated to a little fireworks show that someone else was having further round the bay.

Later this evening a number of the team are going for the evening out on the town, what happens in the phillippines etc.

Tomorrows Activities

Tomorrow morning will be the final dives of the holiday, some people are staying local and going for some shoreline snorkelling while others are simply resting up.